How Climate Change Affects National Security

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winters. Climate change will put extra stress on infrastructure and the economy. Here is how the climate change will affect the south east. Communities along the Coast in the Southeast will probably see a sea level rise, larger hurricane power, and storm surge. Higher temperatures will affect the growth of plants and Efficiency of the crops and forest in that area. Here is how climate change will effect the U.S. tropical islands. Sea level rise will threaten the amount freshwater, ecosystems, and infrastructure of U.S. tropical islands. Coral reefs, That are already being hurt by pollution, will probably get worse as the ocean gets warmer and absorbs more acid. Here is how climate change will effect the North East. Heat waves that come more often and heavier rain fall events are expected to threaten human health in danger and over work aging infrastructure.…show more content…
Here are four reasons that climate change affect national security. The first way climate change affects national security is that climate change is threatening coastal areas. The second way that climate affects national security is the changing Arctic is threatening other areas in the country. The third way that climate change affects national security is climate change is threatening infrastructure. The fourth way that climate change affects national security is climate change puts higher level demands on military resources. That is 4 reasons of how climate change affects national security. Climate change already affects everything in our daily lives, and it is going to do so for many years to come. The challenge for everyone is to not only to identify the risks but also adapt and mitigate the effects to make sure there is a future for every one on the planet. Although not all effects of climate change may turn out negative, most sectors will need to find ways to deal with the effects. Areas at high risk are agriculture and food
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