How Does Communication Affect Communication

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1. Thesis

The success of many activities depend on the effectiveness of communication. A largely used tool is language. Knowledge of the topic will determine the accuracy of your feedback. Communication becomes effective when the message is well interpreted and positive response is given. Communication will never be effective due to the presence of barriers.

2. Introduction

“Communication is the imparting or exchanging of information by speaking, writing or using some other medium” ( 2015). We communicate in order to convey a message, inform, persuade and entertain. (Raman et al. 2013) wrote that “communication is effective only if it creates the desired impact”. The focus of this essay is on various communication barriers, how they affect the communication process and solutions for them.

3. Purpose of communication

Communication exists all around us. It has become an essential part
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A quintessential case is when a lecture fails to understand the answer sheet of an untidy student. So it is the responsibility of the sender to ensure that their message will be well understood.

7.2 Semantic noise

According to (Bauer and Erdogan 2010) “words can mean different things to different people, or they might not mean anything to another person.” The interpreter must decipher the message before it can be understood. Examples include misspellings, incorrect punctuation and ambiguous sentences.

8. Communication Barriers

Communication barriers are ranked into three major groups namely: Interpersonal Barriers, Intrapersonal Barriers and Organisational Barriers. These codification depends on the pieces of information being transferred and their conveyance. Even though the message may be error-free that does not give the assurance of precise exegesis. Each type of barrier will be scrutinised with reference to their characteristics and alignment.

9. Interpersonal

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