How Does Conformity Affect Teenagers

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In a teen 's everyday life there are pressures that lead them to doing things they don 't want to do. Moving into high school adds to this pressure and they end up trying to “fit in” with the crowd. They end up becoming someone they really aren 't. However, they do find out who they are from these experiences. Though some teens choose not to conform and “fit in” with the crowd. This group of teens, nonconformist, end up being directly or indirectly affected. These effects can lead to long-lasting changes in the teen’s daily life, mentally and physically. Conformity can alter a person’s life and could cause the person to suffer from anxiety, depression, PTSD from the trauma, and even attempts at suicide. When conformity comes into a teenager 's life they start to see things differently.…show more content…
The fear of social rejection is so strong in adolescents because their relationships are essential for passing on the lessons that will enable them to join adult society. Baird, Abigail Teenagers feel the need to adapt to their peers and they start to migrate into cliques they relate to. Yet the ones who choose not to conform or cannot find their group choose isolation. Most develop anxiety because they fear that not being in a group will end up in mockery and bullying. Most teenagers draw back further into their isolation which leads to more complicated problems. Conformity is not a friend nor foe, but the effects of choosing to or not to come with consequences. Another leading effect of conformity is depression, though not always serious it could be potentially harmful. Depression leads from how the teenager now fears social rejection and harassment daily for being isolated or pulling away from the societies main stream. Conformity is a major problem in today’s youth. The younger generations are beginning to value other people and their ideas more than their
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