How Does Contrapasso In Dante's Inferno

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The level of hell that shows contrapasso in Dante’s Inferno is the 3rd level of hell which is gluttony. The guard of the third circle is the three headed dog Cerberus. He is best fit for punishing the souls because he has a swollen belly just as you can imagine a glutton would be. Also , his job is to howl to make the sinners deaf. For instance , Dante says“ Cerberus , monster cruel and uncouth , with his three gullets like a dog is barking over people that submerged “ ( Canto 6 line 15 ) . Since Cerberus was a glutton he is equal a fitting to the punishment. Moreover , in the third circle rain is always falling. The gluttons are forced to live in comfortable surroundings. For example , Dante said “ In the third circle am I rain Eternal
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