How Does Corruption Affect Charity

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To what extent does corruption affects charity?

Charity is a prodigious way to help people all around the world with difficulties that may present; hunger, natural disasters affecting their homes, people with terminal diseases, and may more. Getting involved with a charity brings out the humbleness in people and this creates a better environment for themselves, since they are able to be responsible for others with resources they retain. All charities bring out the best in the general public that have the prospect to give; however, other individuals have the ideology that charities use the funds raised for their own benefit. In spite of, one of the most important aims in all charities is to keep the reputation that was made from the “hard
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It would have a major change since you would be able to see the true intensions of those who really want to help. As well, the money raised would be 100% for the people as there is no need to be paid for willingly helping others. Charities such as The Field Lane Foundation, The Children’s Society, etc. support social service and always try to help in any possible way that they could. Positive:
People can continue helping others if they committed a crime with this.
People may not be willing to cooperate with this law and we could not be sure 100% if all the money was really used for them.
A government form that only focuses on taking corruption away from charities. It may not be effective since the government of any country is interested in paying their taxes; they do that by using those charities. The charity laws that are established for all the charities exist. Breaking these laws can cost any business the loss of their revenue gained from their foundation. Positive:
Can help to get rid of the bad influences that people have over their charities
They may not be willing to do this as then the government would lose all the control and power that they have over these
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