How Does Creon Present The Theme Of Arrogance In Antigone

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In Sophocles Antigone Creon’s fatal flaw is his overabundance of arrogance. Over the course of the play Creon’s own pride distances him from his loved ones, his subjects, and ultimately from his own mind. During the play, Sophocles utilizes varied literary techniques such as exposition and dramatic irony to express his own view of mankind. For example, in Antigone, Sophocles expresses the idea that hubris, or excessive pride is the key element in self destruction.
For the duration of the play, Sophocles builds the character of Creon, the tyrannical king of Thebes, who seems to embody this particular flaw. Throughout the course of the play, Creon’s own pride, and self absorbance gradually alienate him those around him. An example of this …show more content…

In this scene, Haemon confronts Creon over his merciless treatment of Antigone and Creon’s reaction is to explode into an ageist themed rant against his own son, in which Creon finally blows up and calls Haemon a “degenerate” for “bandying accusations” (lines 830-831) against him. Not only is Creon calling his own son an inexperienced, inadequate fool, he earlier in the scene describes Antigone as a “worthless woman” and tells Haemon to “show me the man who runs his household well” (lines 725-739). Each of these statements not only denounce a woman’s worth and status in comparison to a man, but also succeed in fluffing Creon’s ego when he follows with “I’ll show you someone fit to rule the state”(line 740), again stating how “qualified” and “adept” a ruler he believes himself to be. Shortly after this discussion, Creon changes Antigone's punishment from public stoning to being suffocated in a tomb. This change hints that Haemon’s words may have affected Creon enough to make him doubt the populaces affection for him. Furthermore, the exchange between Haemon and Creon also serves as a reminder that a ruler should never denounce or be biased against a specific group because it leads to irrational and selfish decision making, that lead to the destabilization of the community as a

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