Crime Rate In Jamaica

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Sand, sun and sea that’s how Jamaica and the Caribbean has been marketed across the world, relaxing on white sand beaches and swimming in clear blue waters are what instantly come to the mind of tourists. However there is a darker side to the idyllic atmosphere of the birthplace of reggae.
Crime, especially violent crime, has plague the region, causing reduced levels of investment (The Economist, 2008) and tourism (Alleyne and Boxill, 2003) than would otherwise be the case.
As such, we develop this paper as follows. The first section provides a discussion on crime rate and how it affect the rate of tourist arrival. The second part singles out the sources of information that tourist rely on when assessing the potential dangers of
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However studies conducted on the impact of criminal violence on tourism in Jamaica have generally concluded that the measured impact on tourism arrivals is small. (Alleyne and Boxill, 2003) established that between 1962 and 1999, the impact of crime, though evident, was significantly mitigated by the use of the all - inclusive strategy and massive investment in advertising. Existing literature has shown that tourists tend to avoid destinations with greater perceived risks (Batra, 2008; Law, 2006; Sonmez et al., 1999), although a number of studies have found that some tourists would deliberately seek to partake in risky activities and visit risky destinations (Dickson and Dolnicar, 2004; Fuchs et al., 2013; Mura and Khoo-Lattimore,…show more content…
Boxill (1995, p.3), in a study of tourism and crime in Jamaica, made reference to a survey conducted in 1992 by the Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB). In that survey, Boxill observed that only 2 percent of the tourists surveyed regarded crime as a major problem in coming to Jamaica. The perception of Jamaica being considered as a dangerous destination as caused a reduction of tourist leaving the hotels that they are staying. They tend to stick to all-inclusive hotels or cruise ship. The researchers found out that the all-inclusive concept emerge to assure tourist that if they visit Jamaica they would not need to content with the dangers they were led to

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