Cross Sectional Area And Resistance Essay

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Title: The effect of cross sectional area on resistance Introduction:
The flow of electrical charge in an electrical conductor is called electrical current. Current flows only when there is voltage (difference in electrical potential energy between two points) present across a conductor. An electron’s path resembles a zigzag pattern as it goes through a conductor. While the voltage across two units encourages the flow of electrons, these collisions discourage it. These collisions of electrons and a conductor’s atoms result in a loss of electric current. Resistance refers to the collisions in a conductor. Voltage drop can, hence, be defined as the loss of current due to resistance. The amount of current in a conductor is dependent on the amount of voltage
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Step 3: Using formula for area of a circle calculate the cross sectional area for both wires. Check with printed cross sectional areas on wires. Confirm accuracy in order to proceed.
Step 4: Using scissors cut wire of cross sectional area 0.001 into two equal pieces (0.35 m each). Do the same with the wire of cross sectional area

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