How Does Culture Affect Consumer Behaviour

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“Culture both influences and reflects consumer behaviour, it is a mirror of values, principles and possessions of its individuals rather members” Statistics and consumer research surveys have shown that; 1] The average Frenchman uses almost twice as many cosmetics and beauty aids as his wife 2] The German and French eat more packaged branded Spaghetti than the Italians 3] In the United States people put more pressure on results want things to take place faster and believe in direct communication while taking decisions 4] Women in Tanzania would not give eggs to their children for fear of making them bald. Introduction Culture can be said to be a set of socially acquired values that society accepts as whole and transmits it to its members through language and symbols. (Consumer Behaviour, Henry Assael, 6th Edn., Thomson Learning, 2001, pp. 450.) Culture in consumer behaviour could largely be considered as an essential determinant of an individual’s wants and behaviour. The impact that culture has on society is profound. Culture is the background of essential human factors like motivation, attitude, personality, family…show more content…
Culture is what stands as a comprehensive concept it includes both an individual’s preferences and the way people make decisions. We say culture is acquired since an individual is born into a culture, these cultural influences operate by having set boundaries for an individual behaviour and also influences the functioning of the families at large; these boundaries mentioned above are called norms and these norms are derived from cultural values or formerly beliefs rather principles that reinstate what is not desirable; non adherence to these norms is considered social disapproval in highly sensitive culture individuals could even be banished from their groups, these cultural values create norms and sanctions which in turn also influence consumption
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