How Does Culture Affect Cross Cultural Communication

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Culture as Applied to Cross-Cultural and Intercultural Communication "Culture" is one which is under continuous modification in the different disciplines in which it is organized, and especially when it is applied in the context of the processes of globalization and diversity which portray modern societies. The two main approaches to the use of the term are: The first approach leads back to a series of concepts which have a more "quantitative" in nature, in that they served for acquired knowledge. The second contains more dimensions and is little more complex. It comprehends the term culture as the instrument by means of which we relate to the world and understand it. According to this, culture is not which we "possess"; rather culture is an inherent part of the person, and it is culture which gives individual and collective identity: an identity which is voiced across multiple social belongings. It is a device for understanding and interpreting the world which acquires instrumental and adaptive meaning. Research on cross-cultural communication often stresses on understanding how differences affect our ability to communicate with others. As most individuals grow up…show more content…
Even when both parties speak the same language there can still be misunderstandings due to the cultural differences. To understand the impact of globalization on cross-culture communication is commanding for organizations to create a competitive advantage in the global market. As society connects globally, the capacity to communicate across cultural boundaries has gained dominance. Global businesses must know how to communicate with employees and customers from different cultures in order to build a rapport with them and to fulfill the demands of business mission. The art of proper use of technology has an impact on how businesses communicate globally and how they market their

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