How Does Culture Improve Organizational Culture

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I am going to discuss whether an organisational culture can raise and improve the overall performance of a company or not. The reason why I would like to write about this topic is that I think it is a quite interesting theory and concept, I want to dig deeper in the effects of organizational culture and learn more through writing this essay. I want to discover how organisational culture will positively or adversely affect a firm’s performance. By reading my essay, readers can have a better understanding of the term ‘organizational culture’, clearly know what can affect the organizational culture. Also, real life example from McDonalds will be provided in this essay in order to illustrate my ideas and support my arguments. Moreover, journals,…show more content…
Jaques (1951) first used this term in his book “The Changing Culture of the factory”. According to Schein (1990), organizational cultural means a group of company members have the same determination and passion to do the business and work in a common value, rituals, myths and practices. Organizational culture works as social glue to tie the employees together and make them feel to be a strong part of the comapany, which is useful to attract new staff and retain the best performers (Fakhar et al., 2012). Also, through attending the lecture, we know that it also refers to how members influence each other and the way that they work around the firm. It is easily for us to find many firms have their own organizational culture, while some with strong organizational culture and some are weak. So, how could some firms with a weak organisational culture raise it…show more content…
As a strong organisational culture can bring a higher staff morality and sense of belonging, they are more willing to work for the company. The strength of organisational culture would carry various impacts on employees’ performance and their motivation level. Besides, employees would like to work harder to achieve the company’s organizational goals if they see themselves as a part of the firm. In order to have a stronger organisational culture, managers or the top corporate ladders should concentrate on improving the level of teamwork and respect in their organization, firms should provide different areas or trainings so as to raise the firm’s competitiveness and let more company members do better when they are working. Therefore, a strong organisational culture plays an important role to a firm overall performance, it can directly change a firm’s leading, organising and planning

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