How Does Culture Influence American Culture

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The process of interacting between different companies, people, and the government of neighboring nations is known as globalization, an idea introduced by Anthony Appiah in his article featured in the New York Times Magazine. Globalization is primarily driven by international trade and investments that are aided by information and technology. Does the interaction between companies affect culture? Yes. But, how? The communication between international companies is derived from the people. And how does culture change? The people. Since more cultures are drifting away from traditional practices, America’s dominance has promoted and influenced individuality among various nations.
America has encouraged people to unite together to celebrate and accept diverse cultures. Appiah article’s contains the expert opinion from Cosmopolitans that “Human variety matters… people are entitled to options” (867). With the acknowledgement of the cultural diverse population, citizens of America, or any country, feel as though they have a sense of freedom with their lifestyle. Deirde
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Heather Havrilesky argues that Hollywood movies have affected the way of life in the Middle East. She includes evidence from Charles C. Stuart's documentary entitled Hollywood in the Muslim World where he discovers the fumes of anger from the people of the Middle East: “Stuart visited the Middle East and talked with citizens… influence of Hollywood and American pop culture” (Havrilesky 860). People adopt different cultures and traditions naturally as human beings. In the heat of the 2010 World Cup held in South Africa, Hassan captures a Slovakian soccer fan adopting the diverse cultures around them. The photograph highlights how the fan embraced the different cultures at the world cup. The simplicity of the photograph grasps the principle of accepting all cultures and respecting their

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