How Does Daisy's Life Change Throughout The Great Gatsby

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1920’s was the most extravagant time for many people, which is why this time period was called the “Roaring twenties” that takes place as the setting. Fitzgerald gave the narrator Nick, has a very jubilant kind personality that has an effect on some of the other characters and the book like when he is on the train with Tom, Gatsby’s car ride, and when Jordan tells Nick about a plan . Nick was all new to the city living large as a happy american life and away from all the reality that 's happening in the city, he is taken on the train and Tom talks about his mistress “‘We’re getting off!’ he insisted. ‘I want you to meet my girl’” (Fitzgerald 28). Nick throughout the whole time thinks to himself, how is Daisy going to feel about this? Will she find out sooner or later? Tom tells him to make sure to keep it a secret.…show more content…
‘I don 't want you to get the wrong idea of me from all these stories you hear’” (Fitzgerald 69). Over time, Gatsby gets a more comfortable around Nick that he could confide him with anything he keeps a secret. Gatsby never told any but Jordan the only reason why Nick was invited to his parties was because he was Daisy’s cousin and wanted to get closer to her and decides to make a plan “‘He want’s to know-’ continued Jordan ‘-if you’ll invite Daisy to your house some afternoon and then let him come over’” (Fitzgerald 83). Now Nick realizes that Gatsby had been using him all along and is starting to seem arrogant. This has a very strong point of view when it shows that facing reality is the main point because Nick is a very jubilant guy who is very naive man when it comes to all these problem that occurred when he decided to live in the
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