How Does Dary Survive In The Outsiders

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In the novel “The Outsiders” Ponyboy and his brothers struggle between fighting too much with them and the socs and leads Ponyboy to runaway and hide In a abandoned church .The problem is that If Ponyboy doesn’t behave he and his brother Sodapop go to a system for boys and live over there meanwhile they are staying with their big brother Darry .What should happen is Ponyboy and Soda should stay with Darry because Darry always works and takes care of them and buys them food and helps Ponyboy with school and cares about his education. In the novel,Darry always is worried about what time ponyboy came home and where he went.In the beginning,Ponyboy went out with Darry and Johnny Cade To the movies and came back really late.One quote from the story
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