How Does Daycare Affect Children

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Having attachment figure present during daycare can play an important role, as children develops a greater emotional knowledge. A study by Pons et al (2004) supports this point “the relationships that children build with their peers and other supporting roles can affect their academic achievements” This suggests that a child gaining emotional knowledge plays an a key part of how they are evaluated and accepted by their peers this comes from 4 of the nine components of emotional knowledge which are; recognition, external cause,desire and reminder Daycare can have a positive effect on a child’s development of peer relationships through letting children negotiate learning and allowing the emotional knowledge which will strengthen throughout their lifetime.…show more content…
When children are put into longer periods of daycare when they are younger and before they are ready it may result in the child becoming insecurely attached because as they may feel distressed these problems can arise in type A insecure avoidant and insecure-resistant type C. The theory by Ainsworth et al (1978) came up with the concept of the strange situation, and suggested that; “Some insecure infants are distressed by their parents’ absence, and behave ambivalently on reunion, seeking contact and interaction but angrily rejecting it when it is offered.”This shows that having children that are away from their caregivers giving a negative reaction. The child may become particularly distressed and are often uneasy because of this children who are insecure can reject social interaction and intimacy with others and may interfere with any new relationships that they may make in the
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