How Does Depression Affect College Students

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My reader can expect to learn within my paper about how much does depression really affect college students in their daily lives. How this issue can impact their lives on being able to function properly in college. How depression affects college students and on how you can be able to deal with it all. Either way, of how depression impacts your life to be able to function in college.This topic is related to college students because of how they can have a rough time dealing with this illness. This topic is important to college students because of how their academic studies in college can decrease over time or lose motivation in focusing on their school work. Otherwise, this issue can affect them so much if they 're in college and try to focus on school work while having to deal with other personal stuff in their lives that they’re trying to deal with it as well. The negative effects on college students that depression has on them is that they lose interest in activities that they like or enjoy, lack of energy, problems physically and mentally, and having sleeping problems such as falling asleep or sleeping too much. Other negative effects are being able to…show more content…
To be sure a helpful way would be to do activities or something to keep yourself occupied for the rest of the day like doing something with friends or family. Another way is to try to exercise, yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and better nutrition for yourself. For instance, for a more advanced treatment to help overcome depression would be to find help earlier so you can prevent any difficulties for students in the near future. The interventions that could be in place is talking to friends or family about this issue, see a psychiatrist near you, or someone at your college
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