How Does Donald Trump Affect Canada

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As the U.S election results are revealed, many Canadian citizens fear the impact Mr. Donald Trump could cause upon Canada. Trump has promised to pull away the U.S. from any international climate agreements, saying that he will “shred” Obama’s greenhouse gas policies. Moreover, this will greatly affect Canada since Canada has numerous climate projects with the U.S. Having Trump as president could permanently damage the trade that Canada has maintained with the U.S., since Mr. Trump is pledging to overhaul U.S. trade relations, especially since approximately $51 billion in goods cross the Canada-U.S. border per month, according to TD Economics. Trump has demanded multiple times to have a renegotiation of the American Free Trade Agreement. Therefore, since he has complete control, Trump has the power to terminate any free trade deal with Canada.…show more content…
is given a large amount of it’s profits. Mr. Donald Trump has also threatened to leave any allied countries if they fail to meet the target of spending two percent of GDP on the military. Unfortunately, Canada is nowhere close to that, and is said to have no plans to get there. Donald Trump has also promised to ban not only Mexican immigration, but also all Muslims from entering the U.S., calling all Syrian refugees terrorists. Since November 2015, Canada has accepted nearly 34,00 Syrian refugees. Mexicans will be able to travel freely to Canada on December 1, which is when Ottawa will drop its Mexican visa requirement. Although it may seem like Trumps victory in the U.S. election seem like a huge negative effect on Canada, there are some positive points. Trump has a plan to boost the U.S. economy by creating 25 million jobs, therefore increasing growth through tax cuts. This could help raise Canada’s economic fortunes by a
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