How Does Dorothea Dix Affect Social Work?

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Dorothea Dix began teaching at a women 's prison in 1841, She noticed they didn 't have any heat in the asylum, so she went to court and not only asked for heat but other things she thought was needed as well. In 1848, she asked the Congress for more than 12 million acres of land, for the mentally ill, and blind and deaf. The bill was approved. After that complication, she went to Europe and stumbled upon many new things. In 1856, she returned to the U.S and was named superintendent of nurses. Which meant she had a countless number of huge responsibilities. Many people found her, uptight, that she didn 't have the social skills to direct the military 's bureaucracy. After the war, she continued her work with the mentally ill. In 1870, she got

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