How Does Doug's Relationship Change Throughout The Novel

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There are many ways to explain how relationships become very important in Okay for Now by Gary Schmidt. Relationships become important in the book because they makes Doug feel better about moving into his new town, brings him some new friends into his world, and starts to bring his family back together. Doug has many relationships in the book and finally gets along to his new town, family, and friends.

One of the first characters in the book is the librarian, Mr. Powell, and Doug’s relationship with him becomes very important in the book. Their relationship becomes very important because Mr. Powell starts to help him draw for the first time, and Mr. Powell lets Doug stay his friend in the beginning of the book. Mr. Powell also never lets Doug give up on anything like his drawing of the Arctic Tern he works on for a long time throughout the book. Mr. Powell helps Doug out because Doug has no friends when he moves to Marysville, and Mr. Powell introduces him to his new town and makes him get to know the town a little bit more. Doug had many other relationships in the book, but this becomes only one great relationship.

The second person in the book
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Daugherty, and all of the friendly people that he delivers their food to form the deli on his delivery route each week. Doug and the people he delivers to relationships are important because if they were not with Doug then Doug would not have his job, and if he is not on time and act nice they would not of gave him his tip. Mrs. Daugherty helps Doug out because he found one of the birds from the missing book at the library at her house and he likes to talk about it with her while they eat their ice cream. It also is good he has a good relationship with Mrs. Daugherty because she starts him with a musical with Lil, and he got to meet Joe Pepitone at the end. Doug has many other relationships, but this becomes one an important relationship in the

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