How Does Alcohol Affect Consumer Behavior

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Alcohol if consumed over a certain limit, will change the consumer’s behavior physically and mentally. Alcohol affects part of the brain causing drinkers to be unable to make rational decisions, and even potentially impair a driver’s driving judgement, reaction and coordination. Thus, many are unable to gauge the speed in which they are driving at or the hazards that they come across enroute, receive warnings from sign posts and other drivers, understand the orientation of the road. This can cause overly-intoxicated users and others at risk of injury through falling, accidents at home and car crashes. Serious road accidents may lead to serious injury as well as death. []…show more content…
It has been scientifically proven that drink drivers largely contribute to the increased risk of injury to all parties on the road.
(Kadiri, 2013)

Impact of alcohol consumption, which causes drivers to be unable to make rational decisions:
The consumption of alcohol hinders an individual’s ability to make rational decisions. Because he/she is unable to rationalise situations on the road, his/her ability to control the vehicle, is ultimately affected. In addition, since alcohol increases one’s level of anxiety and stress (, one would have problems reacting calmly and appropriately in situations faced while driving. Hence, the individual ultimately loses control over the vehicle and this greatly increases the chances of him/her getting into an accident

When the driver is not in the right state of mind due to influence by
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