How Does Dyslexia Affect Social Life

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According to, as many as 17% of children may have dyslexia. It can be diagnosed in many different ways. Dyslexia affects their social life and the way that they read and write. Dyslexia will affect the child for the rest of their life. Dyslexia is a common condition that affects the way the brain processes written and spoken language. Dyslexia can be diagnosed in many different ways. Researchers haven’t found a certain cause for dyslexia, but they do think that it may be cause by genes and differences in the brain. According to, about 40% of siblings of children with dyslexia may have the same reading issues. Also, 49% of parents of children with dyslexia may have it too. They symptoms of dyslexia are different in different people. Some children may have trouble reading and writing. Some children may have trouble with spelling and telling left from right.…show more content…
Some warning signs in high school are struggling reading out loud, not reading at expected grade level, and difficulty learning a new language. The first step to diagnosing dyslexia is to get a medical exam. The doctor may test a child’s vision and hearing. They may also ask if any other family members have any reading problems or other learning issues. The next step is to get referred to a specialist. A psychologist who specializes in learning issues might test the child for any learning disabilities. The child might be asked to read words and do rhyming, spelling, and writing. The last step would be to put it all together and decide if the child has dyslexia. They might need tutoring called phonological awareness training. Some ways to help a child that has dyslexia is to read out loud with them everyday. When the child hears someone read, it will help them focus on the words and understanding the words. Another way to help them at home would be to provide them with a lot

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