How Does Edgar Allan Poe Use Syntax

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From Annabel Lee to The Cask of Amontillado and Tell-Tale Heart, from The Raven to The Fall of House Usher, author Edgar Allan Poe has been mesmerizing his audiences with his one of a kind style for decades. Poe has a unique art which allows him to capture his audience's thoughts, feelings, and extend their imagination to places they've never been before by using using figurative language, syntax, and parallelism to control his readers view, opinion, and frame of mind in many of his writings. By focusing on symbolism and irony, Poe is able to add dimension to his writing that many are not able to. Poes rough life is a key source of inspiration for his demented writings. At the age of three, both of Poe's parents died. After surviving a harsh childhood, Poe later found himself with a serious drug and gambling addiction, and to add to this is beloved wife, Virginia Poe, died due to tuberculosis. Poe's theme of revenge and death and suspenseful mood leave his audiences traumatized in all sorts of ways making them desire more. …show more content…

An example of a way Poe uses this is when he adds syntax to his writing in Tell-Tale Heart. “....Louder-Louder-Louder”(paragraph 37). This small fragment is an excellent example of how Poe expresses tone and reveal a frightening atmosphere that adds to the gothic and horror theme. Also in Poe's poem Annabel Lee, Poe uses extreme detail explaining the seas symbolism that reveals a lost love of Poe, his dead wife.. “In her sepulchre there by the sea, In her tomb by the sounding sea”(Stanza 6). By using details the reader is able to connect the lost love of Poe that's so called Annabel Lee to the sea. Additionally the symbolism of the sea reveals feelings in the poem as

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