How Does Edgar Allen Poe Use Memories In The Tomb Of Liigeia

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Edgar Allen Poe actively uses memory to trigger the resurgence of the deceased. In The Tomb of Ligeia, the narrator, Fell, can’t escape the memories of his late first wife, Ligeia, while his second wife, the Lady Rowena, starts to fall ill with mysterious hallucinations. While the Fell’s memories belong solely to his own mind, Poe allows these memories to exert influence in the physical world. Ligeia dies, but her husband’s memory makes him see her in the design of the bedroom he shares with his new wife. Fell falls sensitive to the light and is unable to see behind Ligeia’s dark and mysterious eyes. Because the eyes represent her Gothic identity, they conceal Ligeia’s secretive wisdom, knowledge that together guide and haunt Fell. The loving
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