How Does Edith Wharton Use Irony In The Age Of Innocence

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“Singly they betrayed their inferiority; but grouped together they represented ‘New York,’ and the habit of masculine solidarity made him accept their doctrine on all issues called moral. He instinctively felt that in this respect it would be troublesome —and also rather bad form —to strike out for himself,”(page 5, The Age of Innocence) Edith Wharton in the Age of Innocence. One of the most heavily betrayed theme in The Age of Innocence is the aristocratic lifestyle of old New York. She also incorporates irony throughout her piece. Throughout chapter one of The Age of Innocence, It breaks down and introduces the high status families. Edith Wharton has a vast knowledge of higher class families from old New York, this is shown because she describes
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