How Does Elie Wiesel Lose Innocence

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Upon seeing a part of a picture, one still gets excited. Ones’ imagination takes over and feeds false hope and faith. ‘Night’ is a 1940s situated novel written by Elie Wiesel. This piece of literature follows the main character, Eliezer, in his journey throughout World War 2. Being a Jewish teen, Elie has to lose plenty for any chance at survival. It is evident that Elie lost his innocence while forgoing these major events. It took a great toll on him, not only physically but emotionally and mentally. Through what Elie has seen he undoubtedly was stripped of his purity. Everyone possess an innocence however as they are introduced to the real world, that innocence is slowly out-grown. Right off the bat Elie had to cope with being disconnected from more than half his family since the Hungarian officers ordered gender separation. “All I can think of was not to lose him. Not to be alone.”(Wiesel. 30) Mr. Wiesel was all Elie had left therefore, Elie is constantly terrified that he might lose all he has left. Little did he know that in the end he would be left alone. Later, Elie’s father…show more content…
In summary, he was forcefully separated from his family, bared the death of the only motivation he had and was left to live with the nightmares of the atrocious doing of Hitler and his Nazis. Elie’s innocence was taken alongside everything else he had. Instead of remembering his childhood and laughing, he prays one day he’ll forget, forget what he was forced to see. Moreover, forget what was taken from him. Elie had undergone an immense amount of pain albeit the fact that many think of WW2 but don’t mind much of it’s events. Elie’s only crime was that he belived in a religion which was down looked. A culture which was insulted. Comparatively, born to a targeted ethnicity. His only crime was that he was Jewish. Honestly, if this is the case, is anybody really
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