How Does Elie Wiesel Use Silence In The Book Night

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Ian Weiner
English II-P
June 9, 2023
"Elie Wiesel Used Silence to Show the Severity of Antisemitism." Elie Wiesel intentionally uses silence in Night to make the reader think and feel the impact of death and suffering. Elie Wiesel is the author of the book Night. The book Night is about Elie Wiesel's experience with the holocaust. It explains what he went through in the concentration camps, the close deaths, and how he changed. In the book Night, whenever suffering or death happens, Elie Wiesel never really goes in-depth with what happened. He just said that they died a sentence or two, how he felt, then continued. Elie Wiesel did this intentionally because he wanted to make the readers think about what happened, so he used silence to convey his message. The message Elie Wiesel was trying to spread with silence is how antisemitism is very harsh and what …show more content…

Silence in Night was used rhetorically to make readers conceptualize the disparity of antisemitism. The harsh reality when an anti-Semitic government takes power. When an anti-Semitic government takes power and has a population that supports it, that government can do terrible things, which shows the disparity of antisemitism. The Nazi Party is one example of this. The main reason the Nazis targeted Jewish people was because they were seen as inferior. The Nazi Party held the ideology of the "Aryan Race." "They adapted, manipulated, and radicalized the unfounded belief in the existence of an "Aryan race" and its superiority to fit their ideology and policies. Nazi officials used this concept to support the idea that Germans belonged to a "master race." The Aryan race was a "Master Race" that Germans thought they belonged to. Since Jewish people were seen as inferior and German people were seen as the master race, Hitler used this to eliminate any racial impurities. This was one of the reasons the Nazi Party and

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