Night Father's Negative Effect

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“ Every action we take impacts the lives around us”- Arthur Carmazzi. The book Night by Elie Wiesel , takes place during World War II , in parts of Germany , Poland and several major concentration camps. The story is about how the author Elie Wiesel and his father have a grueling time in the concentration camps. Here, many individuals make a significant impact on Elie’s life, either positive or negative. Elie’s father leaves a positive effect on him , while other father and son relationships and prisoners with power have a negative effect. First, Elie’s Father has a positive effect on him by helping Elie stay alive. Elie risks his life when his Father was chosen in the selection. Elie cares about his father so much , he puts himself second…show more content…
IDEK the Kapos started to beat Elie’s Father for no reason , and left him with a lot of injuries. “ And he began beating him with a iron bar. At the first, my Father simply doubled over under the blows… “ ( Page 54). This demonstrates that the attacks were unprecedented and also were constant. Next Franek, the Foreman that who some mental problems , keeps attacking his Father for Elie’s gold crown . “ That presented Franek with the opportunity to torment him and , on a daily basis, to thrash him savagely…”( Page 55). This illustrates that with what Franek did to Elie’s Father , Elie is fearful what Franek can do. And if Elie does the wrong things to provoke Franek it could be fatal to his Father’s death. This causes Elie to question if his father worth it because if Elie save the gold crown, then he well have money if he does end up getting out. Finally Franek keep picking at Elie not until he broke. “ That day, Franek burst into savage laughter : ‘ I knew it, I knew that I would win…’ “ ( Page 56 ). This ultimately shows that with Franek and the Kapos Elie got mental damage with all going on in his life/ being in the concentration camp. It most likely give Elie post traumatic stress order and that is not good for anyone. These examples show how Kapos and Foreman left a negative effect on
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