How Does Eliot Present Rosamond In Middlemarch

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In the passage from the novel Middlemarch by Georger Eliot, a newlywed couple struggles in the face of financial troubles. Rosamond and Tertius Lydgate discuss their issues and through this discussion Eliot develops the relationship between the two of them. There is much stress on their new marriage as shown throughout the passage through two literary devices. George Eliot portrays Rosamond and Tertius Lydgate, as well as their strained relationship, through a third person omniscient narrator perspective and selection of detail.
Rosamond and Tertius Lydgate 's relationship as husband and wife is developed partly through narrator perspective. The passage is told from a third person omniscient point of view, allowing the reader to witness what
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Eliot is very descriptive in this passage, especially when showing the actions and body language of the characters. Knowing how the characters are acting towards one another is key in portraying their relationship, because it shows the reader the rift between Rosamond nd Tertius created by these financial troubles. A good example of Eliot 's selection of detail can be found in the quote "...releasing her hands from Lydgate 's and rising to stand at two yards ' distance from him" (Eliot 1). Not only are Rosamond and Lydgate emotionally at odds (portrayed by the narrator perspective) physically they are as well; Rosamond moves away from Tertius in her time of need signaling to their relationship is not a close one. The passage goes on to include another important detail in the quote "...turning his eyes up towards her. That she had chosen to be away from him in this moment of her trouble made everything harder to say..." (Eliot 1). As a result of their financial difficulties they are not connecting well and this is shown through their physical separation described to the reader through Eliot 's selection of detail.
In conclusion Eliot portrays Rosamond and Tertius Lydgate 's relationship through his use of narrator perspective and his selection of detail. The third person omniscient narrator perspective shows the reader how the two characters feel towards one another. Eliot 's
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