How Does Emily Dickinson Affect Her Poetry

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Emily Dickinson seemed to place herself in the position of the character types in her poems and told readers that she truly cared and was concerned by the true backbone meaning of her poetry, and that the meaning was received to the readers. “Her poetic style was fragmented, enigmatic, abstract, and forcefully sudden in emotion” (Abbott), the way that Dickinson put herself into the poetry was unique and never actually seen in the form that she exclaimed in her poems. Emily Dickinson used what readers call, “The Dash” (Campbell), in many of her poems Dickinson exclaims the ends of her lines. Many poems with a dash, shocked many editors of her time and was turned down by the writers and poets of the time by saying that she needed to change a certain piece of poetry and add a line, however after so long readers find out the Emily Dickinson was a very strong minded woman about her poetry, also had inner problems within her family such as death. Many different interpretations done by literary experts cannot truly come up with the explanation for her use of the dash, also the main reasons all end up the same about Dickinson leading herself to a mental breakdown after her mother and father’s death years before her own. “Dickinson 's excessive use of dashes has been interpreted variously as the result of great stress and intense emotion, as the indication of a mental breakdown, and as a mere…show more content…
Dickinson confused all poetry editors of her time and still challenges interpreters of all statuses to their peak performance, and still cannot determine the true background and definition of Emily Dickinson’s poetry
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