Explain How Your Ethics And Values Influence How You Model The Way In Your Professional And Personal Life

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How do your ethics and values influence how you model the way in your professional and personal life? My ethics and values decide and direct everything in my life. From work to my own life I take after strict rules and standards to help me in my professional and personal journey. My Ethical conduct forms respect, integrity, and enables others to see me as fair, honest, reliable and trustworthy individual. Values, beliefs, education, and encounters give a moral establishment in my life. In my personal life and my experiences I grew up in different country in different way of environment in our home. My parents are very religious. My father is very strict. Anyone that is older than me, when answering yes or no, I have to reply “yes or no ma’am/sir”. Being polite and respectable is a big deal. My family have dinner together in any given night. If one is not home yet, we have to wait. The punishment that my brothers experienced is no way near that the punishment or “time out” and grounded here. I think it depends on…show more content…
The values in which you believe “inform the priorities you set and the decision you make” (Kouzes & Posner, 2012). The association between these ideas and my basic leadership is great. my morals and standards impact every one of my actions; I truly endeavor to be however much careful and mindful as could reasonably be expected. It is our purpose to concentrate on our ethics in decision making. We have to begin by making some illuminating qualifications to encourage our motivation. To begin with, we should recognize the tremendous measure of research and concentrate on the topic, and perceive that our use of morals inside business decision making, just tends to a little bit of the significantly more extensive point. Our intentions is to direct our perspective in decision making ethics to show decision making model in a way that will empower a predictable use of ethics in the decision making
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