Essay About Failure To Success

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Who is to say that failure cannot ultimately lead you to success? Most people fail at some point in their lives, and they have to generally fail at something before they can ultimately reach success, even though failure can be defined as a lack of success. A person fails because they did not adequately prepare for success. As a sophomore in high school, one of the high school courses that I was required to take was American Literature and Writing. I did not have myself signed up for any of the AP classes offered, so I lacked familiarity with the struggles a typical student endures while they are taking an AP class, but all I knew was that the school year of 2015-2016 was personally successful for me. On February of 2016, my high school counselor …show more content…

It drastically decreased my grade point average since I had enrolled in this course with other difficult courses in my schedule; however, I did end up learning a lot from this experience. It taught me to be very aware of what I choose for my courses as a senior in high school and possibly as a freshman at Purdue. This experience also taught me, even though it is a human instinct, not to compare my intelligence to other people, regardless of what grade they are in, what grades they have, or how many more AP courses they are taking. I have also learned to make my own decisions instead of letting others make them for me because if I let others control what I do, then I will risk missing out on following my own unique path and expressing my individuality. Classes are different for everybody since every person has strengths and weaknesses, and everyone is intelligent in a unique way. Lastly, I realized that high school is all about who you want to impress and college is all about what you want. As an individual, I learned to stop trying to impress others, and I began to focus on satisfying myself in order to succeed for the rest of my high school career while enjoying it at the same time. A failure can temporarily mislead you in the wrong direction, but it will eventually lead you to success in many different aspects in

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