How Does Fairy Tales Affect Children

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From Cinderella to The Wizard of Oz, fairy tales have been told for thousands of years through oral storytelling and written literature. Historically, fairy tales were initially intended for adults. Eventually, fairy tales were collected and written down across many different cultures. Specifically, two young German brothers, Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, published a collection of tales that became an influential work of folklore that was recognized around the world. “They intended to trace and grasp the essence of cultural evolution and to demonstrate how natural language, stemming from the needs, customs, and rituals of the common people, created authentic bonds and helped forge civilized communities.” (Zipes) Although many fairy tales in today 's society are lighter interpretations of the original stories, their morals and lessons remain the same. Zipes points out that, “the Grimms’ tales of the first edition still resonate with us today because they indicate how we can transform ourselves and our conditions to live in a better world.” For centuries, fairy tales psychologically and culturally impact early child development. Adolescents are exposed to different types of…show more content…
Often times, society underestimates the effects of fairy tales on children. Growing up, I never completely understood the effects of fairy tales on early childhood development. While researching this paper, I encountered many things that astonished me. Going to sleep every night, I do not hesitate to read a fairy tale or a fantasy novel. Each story reminds me of my childhood at the mere sight of my books. From my research, I had the opportunity to explore the psychological impact of fairy tales have on children from three to eight years old. These fairy tales integrate life lessons and societal norms for children to learn through their images, short sentences, and enticing plot. Overall, these stories teach them what to think, how to feel, and what to do in

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