The Importance Of Families In King Lear

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Families in Great Chaos: A Reaction Paper for King Lear The play started with a festive musical then the story was unfolded. The main characters were then revealed. King Lear asked his daughters Goneril, Regan and Cordelia to say how much they love him. The beginning of the story started the conflict between Lear and his daughter Cordelia. That signified Lear’s incoming troubles as secrets and unloyalty are revealed throughout the story. The play shows tragedy that happened in the families of Lear and Gloucester. How can family affect the well-being of a person? In Shakespeare’s King Lear, which was performed onstage by the UP theatrical society showed how a family member can affect the lives of every member of the family and how bad decisions can lead to bad endings. King Lear is the king of Britain. He is of old age and he wanted to divide his property among his daughters in order to avoid conflict and war among the three of them when his time will come. He ordered his daughters to meet him and asked them to confess their love for him. This became his basis of giving each pf his daughters their part of the kingdom. The two older daughters, Goneril and Regan dishonestly used sweet and…show more content…
In Shakespeare’s King Lear, Cordelia, the youngest and favorite daughter of the king showed a very soft personality. Her honest answer to her father means that she is of pure heart and soul. She has no intention of getting the biggest part of the kingdom. She values family and love over earthly properties such as land and wealth. Unlike her two sisters, she respects her father’s decision and obeys every command that her father gives. Her appearance is seen as beautiful and young, signifies her kindness. Being with her father again means that forgiveness finally arose. It was a sign that whatever bad thing happened in the past is now just a memory because they have finally forgiven each
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