How Does Farfrae Use Dramatic Irony In The Great Gatsby

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Quote Response to Quote

“‘One word,”’ he was saying, as the crackling of paper denoted that Henchard was unfolding yet another sheet . “‘Is it quite fair to this young woman’s memory to read at such length to a stranger what was intended for your eye alone?”’ Well, yes,”’ said Henchard. “‘By not giving her name I make it an example of all womankind, and not a scandal to one.”’ “‘ If I were you I would destroy them,”’ said Farfrae, giving more thought to the letters than he had hitherto done. “‘As another man’s wife it would injure the woman if it were known.”’ (Hardy 229-230) 1. In the quote, dramatic irony, when the audience knows more than the characters, is being used. Farfrae does not know that Henchard is reading letters
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