How Does Fashion Affect Fashion

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INFLUENCE OF INDIAN DRAPES ON GLOBAL FASHION KOSHALPREET KAUR School of Fashion and Design, G D GOENKA UNIVERSITY, Abstract: This paper examines the history of the saree, its evolution to its present form, being influenced by multiple cultures and civilization. The journey of the saree, its drapes, patterns, wearing styles, fashion are analyzed. The Indian saree drapes (studied across centuries) are compared with the creations of various contemporary International designers. The inspiration many a times may not be clearly visible but is seen through subtle observation. Western designs have been juxtaposed with drapes and patterns seen in traditional sarees. Lastly, a path in the future influenced by the economic growth in India and the all-encompassing technology is described. Key words: Indian Saree, Contemporary Drapes and Transformation of Saree Introduction “Fashion is inspired by youth & nostalgia and draws inspiration from the best of the past”…. Lana Del Rey (Musician). Fashion, an art just like painting or music, plays a key role in fusion of different cultures and influences. With rapid progress in Asia (India, China particularly), increasingly, fashion and style are being blended together to appeal to universal sensibilities. India’s rich heritage has been an inspiration for the International designers. Since ages they have created beautiful interpretations from its rich culture, bright colors, exotic hand crafted techniques of

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