Indian Saree Influence On Fashion

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This paper examines the history of the saree, its evolution to its present form, being influenced by multiple cultures and civilization. The journey of the saree, its drapes, patterns, wearing styles, fashion are analyzed. The Indian saree drapes (studied across centuries) are compared with the creations of various contemporary International designers. The inspiration many a times may not be clearly visible but is seen through subtle observation. Western designs have been juxtaposed with drapes and patterns seen in traditional sarees. Lastly, a path in the future influenced by the economic
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The origin of this word is from the Prakrit (a language spoken in the Buddhist era) word ‘sattika’. This evolved into the Prakrit 'sadi ' and was later anglicised into 'saree ' (pronounced as sa-ri). Saree is an unstitched long piece of cloth which is draped in various styles and its length varies from 4 yard to 9 yard. The history of this famous Indian ethnic piece of clothing the saree is quite interesting & has evolved over thousands of years.[1] In Hindu mythology, one of the first mentions of the saree was made ( ~ 400 BC) in Mahabharata (the ancient book of Hindu mythology) when Lord Krishna protected “Draupadi” by blessing her with a saree that did not end (figure…show more content…
The advancements in technology will make the global differences in fashion lesser and lesser in times to come. Increasing trend of Indian drapes, materials, motifs, embroideries, symbols etc. will get noticed with the acceptance / inspiration in global fashion. The brand awareness has increased with frequent foreign travels by Indians for work, tourism and study and also the continuous increase in number of foreigners residing in India for work, education and projects. Further, the rapidly expanding Indian middle class is also showing increasing affinity to “Indianised” designs by international fashion
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