How Does Fast Food Affect Vietnamese Culture

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In recent years, Vietnamese economy has grown at a relatively high pace. This encourages foreign firms to invest in Vietnam more and more, especially in the food and beverage field, which is a good thing. However, also in recent years we have seen a significant rise in the obesity rate of children, more and more people have become disabled because of diabetes and a gradually change in people life style. This essay will point out how is that related to the expansion of fast food chain in Vietnam, a developing country. First and foremost, the most considerable impact of fast food is on people’s life style. As more and more fast food restaurants appear, everyone can buy meals at any time, anywhere they like (Khan, 2012). This may destroy the traditional…show more content…
First, Vietnam went through serious famine in 1945 and during wartime. This leads to the fear of food shortage. That’s why when people become more wealthy, they overeat. Parents always want their children to eat more, and chubby kids is a sign of well nurture (Dieu, 2009). Fast food companies provide a variety of choice but with some commons: more meat and mostly all of the food is deep-fried. Rich and tasty menu easily attracts Vietnamese and gradually change their eating habits. Second, Vietnam has a young population which adapt quickly to the changes and willing to accept the differences (Hofstede, 2015). So it’s not difficult for a foreign firm to see Vietnam as a potential market and continue investing in it. Last but not least, it’s undeniable that Vietnamese consumers are obsessed with Western culture, life style and products. When McDonald’s opened their first store on Tran Hung Dao street, Ho Chi Minh city, thousands of people lined up for hours just to get in the store and have fried chicken.( Le,2014) This proves that fast food is really favored and dramatically becoming a huge competitor of traditional

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