How Does Fitzgerald Create Corruption In The Great Gatsby

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The Great Gatsby was a fantastic novel written by F. Scott Fitzgerald that portrays the roaring 1920’s as well as presents to the reader the subtle changes towards materialism seen in this era. These changes as seen with the many complex characters present in this novel are displayed to us in an efficient manner, being put it into almost every scene with little hints towards the corruption of the American Dream. Fitzgerald depicts the corruption from excessive wealth in extravagant lifestyles and demonstrates how this causes relationships to be based off of the monetary aspects of life in order to emphasize the immorality in the respective era. Corruption is constantly seen throughout this novel. From Gatsby’s rise to wealth, to his journey for love, to…show more content…
The wealth is constantly flaunted in this novel by the characters trying to achieve their goals. Individuals are throwing “extravagant parties”, buying “gorgeous car[s]”, and showing off their wealth in many other ways just to achieve “true” happiness and love. Fitzgerald implemented Gatsby’s character exceptionally here because Gatsby’s actions and goals seemed to be the ideal American dream; however, they had their foundation based off of wealth and status deeming them corrupt because Gatsby expected to achieve love by practically buying it. This new corrupt mindset was carefully constructed by Fitzgerald to help further his intent because the reader could now see how Gatsby's actions were based off of money. Gatsby did many erratic things with his money to achieve his true love like he “bought [a] house just so Daisy would be across the bay” (78), representing his dependence upon his illegally accumulated wealth to achieve his love. This was great in proving Fitzgerald’s idea of corruption caused by materialism because it shows the reader how money is slowly finding it’s way into emotional aspects like love
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