How Does Fitzgerald Tell The Story In Chapter 1 Of The Great Gatsby

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1. “The world and its mistress” refers to the people at Gatsby’s party. Even on Sunday, everybody who’s anybody is present at one of Gatsby’s parties. 2. Fitzgerald includes a long list of partygoers at the beginning of this chapter to show the variety of people that attended Gatsby’s parties and the difference between East and West Eggers. From the names, I notice that people from East Egg have names that are old-fashioned. This probably shows that they are sophisticated. As for the people from West Egg, they have more recent names to show that they’re less reserved than the East Eggers. Fitzgerald mentions the death of many of them to show that no matter which part they’re from, they still meet the same end. 3. Nick’s impression of Gatsby …show more content…

Nick is fascinated with Gatsby’s story because, even though the validity of his story is questionable, the way Gatsby tells his story makes it believable enough. Gatsby’s smile is also enough to put Nick’s doubts at ease for a while. 5. By juxtaposing Myrtle with the Valley of Ashes, Fitzgerald creates the effect of how lifeless and bleak the Valley of Ashes as opposed to Myrtle’s “vitality.” It also shows how out of place Myrtle looks in the Valley of Ashes, hence why she’s having an affair with Tom, to get where she thinks she …show more content…

On both trips to the city, Nick is kind of forced to go and is put into an uncomfortable situation. Tom and Gatsby both did not ask whether Nick wanted to go or not, they just said that he was going to go with them. Nick also has deal with awkward situations on both trips, like an unpleasant house party and Wolfsheim. However, a difference is that Nick enjoyed being with Gatsby as opposed with Tom. 8. Daisy gets drunk the night before she’s supposed to marry Tom because of a letter that’s presumably from Gatsby asking her to reconsider her marriage. While drunk, she decides that she wants to leave Tom for Gatsby; however, once she crumples the letter and sobers up, she goes on with the marriage. 9. Fitzgerald includes the lyrics from “The Sheik of Araby” to foreshadow what’s going to happen in the book as well as Gatsby’s plans for Daisy. Gatsby intends to win back Daisy’s love which he believes “belongs to [Gatsby]” and not Tom. 10. Nick means that everyone can be sorted into one of four categories: the pursued, the pursuing, the busy, or the tired. So far, the main characters in this story can be categorized. Daisy would be in the pursued, Gatsby and Myrtle in the pursuing, Tom, Nick, and Jordan in the busy, and Mr. Wilson in the

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