Food That Affect Blood Vessels

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FOODS THAT AFFECT THE BLOOD VESSELS Blood vessels is important as it is a tissue connected to every organ of the body. There are some food that affects the blood vessels. Vegetables and fruit juices where the dietary rules to consume and potatoes in separate categories, as there are some foods which are high on fat that are guided to avoid or lower their consumption, such as, French fries. The fat products if it is consumed, then it will result to affect the blood vessels. The research had found that the greater intake of sodium which is the chemical present in salt will lead to the greater uric acid and albumin levels - are the greatest damage to thye blood vessels of our body. Type of…show more content…
Cholesterol is the most common word we all heard of.Eating too much of oily foods such chips, fried items can cause clog or block your arteries. Sodium: The salt contains a chemical substance in it called sodium. Intake of additional sodium, can cause damage to blood vessels. This will make the total amount of blood to the blood vessels, which will lead to the blood pressure too. If we take high salt on food will lead to clotting to our blood vessels. So try to reduce the over usage of salt to our food to avoid the damages to our blood vessels of the body. In research of human studies have proven that the the high intake sodium can make the arteries stiffness and it will lead to the damage to the flow of blood to our human body. The extra usage of sodium present in salt can make our blood to get pressured and this will result in the strain to our arteries. This type of pressure in our arteries can even make them to get burst and then to clog up entirely. This will lead to the heavy damages to our organ by making them to starve for oxygen and nutrients which are highly needed.…show more content…
Arteries may get damaged due to the high intake of homocysteine. High consumption can make the blood to get blocked and it can make high risk to our body. This type of disease is called thrombus. There should not be any clot on your blood vessels otherwise it will block your lungs which is called pulmonary embolism, also the brain which can cause stroke, or into the heart which can even cause to the heart attack. The people who suffer from high levels of homocysteine are at a high risk so they need to consult doctor for the further treatments. Foods to be avoided to make a healthy blood vessels like pickles, oily foods, consumption of more salt, deli meat, frozen pizza, canned soups are to be reduced to maintain diet on the blood vessels and to avoid damages to our
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