How Does Football Changed My Life

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All Experiences have different effects on people. In this case the experience that I had was significant. I have been playing and watching football for as long as I can remember. Football has always been a major part of my life, and I always looked up to the Varsity players wanting to be one of them some day. To me football is like a second family (simile. When freshmen football lifting started I decided that was going to work as hard as I could to be my best. So, that is what I did all school year and all summer I put a ton of effort into becoming the best football play I could be. One of the most important experiences of my life was my starting in my first varsity football game, it taught me that hard work always pays off, and changed the way that I look at life.…show more content…
Waiting nervously to take the field I sat in my locker listening to the music playing, and thinking of the hours of hard work that made this moment posible. The locker room shook (personification) with excitement of our first game of the year. “It’s time, let's get out on the field for warm ups,” shouted Coach. “Let’s go boys,” yelled a player from the locker room. We ran up the stairs and out onto the field to warm up. During warmups Coach Dietrich cam up to me and said, “You nervous?” “Yeah,” I replied, as I was as nervous as I’d ever been. “That’s good, you should be” he said and returned to the sideline. After warm ups we went to the sideline for the National Anthem. Then, we ran to the middle of the of the field as the announcer called our names, and t “Lets go boys, ball out on three, one, two, three,” Shouted Caleb as loud as a megaphone (simile), once the team reached the center. “Ball out!” we yelled back. I then ran back over to the
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