Students Learning Foreign Language Essay

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CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION The study aims to explain the effects of foreign language on the culture of learners. Language plays a very important role in human’s society. Every language has its own culture. On the other hand culture depends on values, behaviors and beliefs. It depends on the people that how they admire the language with its culture. It assumes that people should learn foreign language in order to learn a new language but should not completely follow the culture of the language. According to Cem Alptekin (1992), meaning can be interpreted in language by two types of knowledge. One is systematic knowledge and the other is schematic knowledge. Systematic knowledge is formal functions of language i.e semantic and syntactic functions. On the other hand, schematic knowledge tells us about socially acquired factors. These both types of knowledge play a very important role in culture and they help us in knowing the…show more content…
Foreign language plays a very important role in one’s culture because when one is intended to learn any language he/she will learn the culture of that language. It means language and culture are interconnected. It is not possible to learn any language without knowing its culture. By learning any foreign language one should first know about target culture. By knowing its culture, it will help in learning foreign language. It shows from research that in native language learning, a child’s schematic knowledge and systematic knowledge develops at the same time, but it is not happening in foreign language learning. In foreign language learning schematic knowledge is already developed and systematic knowledge of language will develop by the passage of time. For this reason by learning foreign language people have great influence on its culture as
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