How Does Fortunato Characterize In The Cask Of Amontillado

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The short story The Cask of Amontillado by Edgar Allan Poe is about revenge on Fortunato. After Fortunato says some insulting words he gets tricked into walking into a trap. His passion for wine made it easy for him to get fooled into walking down into a cellar. Once he gets to the end of the cellar he gets trapped by a wall that is built around him as a form of revenge. Fortunato is motivated to go into the cellar because he takes pride in knowing the best wine and he wants to prove that he would have better judgement than Luchesi. Fortunato becomes a target for revenge for saying something insulting. He does not realize that he is a target for revenge because he is being complemented. Once he hears about the pipe that passes for Amontillado he is excited and feels lucky to be consulted over Amontillado. He is fooled based off of his emotions he feels happy because of his love of wine he is excited to see what is in the cellar. On the way to the cellar he feels safe and cared for because when he is coughing he is asked if he is alright. Therefore, he does not feel like he is in any kind of danger. By time he starts to become suspicious of danger it is already too late.…show more content…
He is motivated to go into the cellar because he is worried that if he doesn’t get to do it then Luchesi will. He starts to cough from allergies but instead of leaving or going another time he continues to go down into the cellar because he is excited about the Amontillado. He walks the whole way and never realizes that he is about to become a victim of revenge. Although he sees some warning signs he moves on. By the end of the short story Fortunato is trapped and a wall is built around him keeping him stuck in the cellar forever. He cries out as the wall is being built and he starts to realize what is going on. Eventually he stops answering and when he is being talked to there is no

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