Effect Of Positive Framing Effect On Decision Making

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The purpose for the experiment is to understand if the framing effect affects decision making. The choices would be affected by different frames, positive and negative. The positive framing effect is less risk averse than risk seeking meaning there was no significant differences between the expected values. The negative framing effect was more risk seeking than risk averse meaning there was a significant difference between the expected values. It was also in favor of the prospect theory. The positive framing effect prompt promises a gain instead of a lost. Society tends to go with the positive framing effect which is known as the risk averse. In the results, it was shown that there were no significant difference and that people weren’t risk…show more content…
In the experiment, results proved that there is a significant difference between the effects. Individuals choose the option that provides gain even if meant putting everything at risk for individual not to lose anything. In the Tversky and Kahneman article a study was conducted to test the effect of the framing effect on students in the British university of Columbia. Where they were presented two prompts one being risk seeking and risk averse. The students were given a statement sating that there was going to be an Asian disease outbreak and due to it there was going to be a lot of lives lost. In the study, it was shown that most individuals in the second prompt choose risk seeking and were most likely to accept risk to avoid a certain loss (Tversky and Kahneman 1981). In other hand, the decision making can always vary. In the Chien, Lin, and Worthely article, they conducted a same study where in this case the instructors wanted to see the influence of the framing effect on adolescents. The adolescents were gathered from different schools in the US, where they were presented two prompt one being a disease outbreak in the United States and the other one being gaining or loosing money. The results showed that in the study both genders choose the same answer for positively frame and negatively frame sensing that the choices being made would all depend on the information given between the prompts and what would be…show more content…
If the contributors were given a bit less time and seen the prompt differently as in heard the prompt instead of seeing, the positive effect could have had a significant difference. The reason why is because people listening to the prompt and hearing how many lives are going to be safe could affect them emotionally an can affect their decision instead of observing it and thinking too much about the prompt giving the participants time to conclude and study the prompt. For instance, in the Tamera Schneider and Peter Salovey article, they describe how persuasive health messages can frame to have individuals conduct a healthier life style. In the study, they examine the effect of framing on beliefs, attitudes and behaviors related to smoking. The conductors use visual images and auditory voice over framed to be either gain or loss towards college students in New England where some were shown the visual images about smoking and others auditory voice over about smoking. In the results on the article, it was conducted that visual aid resulted in verbal auditory rating were more positive than visual images (Tamera Schneider and Peter Salovey
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