How Does Frankenstein Get Too Much Knowledge

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Frankenstein What is knowledge? Knowledge can be a good thing, but is it possible to gain too much intelligence and cross the line? The answer is yes, knowledge has a line that cannot be crossed, one just needs to know where to draw it at and not advance too far. Science and technology are quickly progressing in a positive direction every day, which is showing how knowledge is very helpful on that side of the spectrum. There are many different positive perspectives on the advances with technology. People in today’s world believe that improving and obtaining as much knowledge as we can with technology will better the lives of others. Also another positive outlook on technology is it drastic advances in the health field, like life span compared to one hundred years ago to now. Advances in technology are also used as a weapon. Drilling and constant need for lumber for improvements in…show more content…
As Frankenstein’s creature slowly gains knowledge of the world around him, he progressively realizes he will forever be alone ("BBC - GCSE Bitesize: Knowledge and Discovery"). Once the monster interprets the situation, it goes on a psychotic rage of killing people that are close to Frankenstein including: William, Justine, Henry, Elizabeth, and Alphonse. All of those murders took place because the monster was slowly adapting to the world around him. After the monster starts to gain knowledge, he becomes obsessive and has a strong desire to acquire more. The love of Frankenstein towards the monster is all it has been seeking for. If Frankenstein would have taken care of the mess he created all his friends and loved would possibly be alive at the end of the novel. As the monster realizes he will always be alone, he goes after Frankenstein’s loved ones one by one. In the aftermath of all the murders, Frankenstein dies; the monster does not know what to do and concludes to death as well. Autophobia got the best of the monster and destroyed all of the people were around
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