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Can free time activities in middle childhood have an effect on adulthood? Children’s practice of free time activities such as sports, videogames and housework can have a significant effect on their adulthood. For this reason, parents tend to enroll their children in productive activities during their free time and improve few skills that could be useful later. Sports, videogames and house work are the main activities that children practice in their free time and can have a significant effect on their adulthood.

Adults who played many sports during their childhood have more opportunities to be successful in their professional career. Team sports contribute to understand better how important is working together to success during a specific activity.
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Such as the case of poor countries when people since a child have to work because their family don´t have enough money to live. According to “Save the children” Organization, 218 million children in the world have to work. 126 millions of them have to do dangerous and illegal activities. According to this research, the most common activities of child slavery are forced labors in agriculture and mining, housework slavery, sexual exploitation and the military activities. These kinds of children won´t be enjoy healthy activities and the effects on them will be negative. In order to avoid these bad effects, parents always try to encourage their children to practice some sport or contribute in housework but usually it could become a stressful obligation for kids. As you can see, some are the good effects that are caused by free time activities in children and it have a real opportunity to improve their professional career, developing of brain and develop their sense of order, social and autonomy skills. In my opinion, sports, videogames and housework can cause a significant impact on children life and their parents have the great responsibility to apply an adequately control over
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