How Does Friar Lawrence Influence Romeo's Character

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Without Friar Lawrence, Romeo would be hopeless. Romeo isn’t good at decision making and he knows it. Romeo’s personality of a being a fantasist, being impulsive, and being selfish often lead to this crummy decision making. Friar Lawrence, however, is excellent at planning and making decisions. Although time in his profession undoubtedly helped him learn how to plan and make good decisions, Friar Lawrence’s personality also contributes to these skills.. Since Romeo knows Friar Lawrence’s personality and how the friar is better equipped to make decisions, Romeo often goes to him for help. An example of this is when Romeo goes to Friar Lawrence to ask him about Juliet. Because Romeo goes to Friar Lawrence for help with decision making, Romeo…show more content…
When the friar is talking to Romeo, Friar Lawrence warns him that being a dreamer isn't always a good thing. Friar Lawrence says in Act Two, Scene Six on Line Nine “violent delights have violent ends.” When he says this it is because Romeo has his head in the clouds and is saying that nothing could ruin the moment. Whereas Romeo is a dreamer, Friar Lawrence is a realist. Friar Lawrence says sweet things may be bad and that what Romeo thinks is good may turn out to be bad. When the friar says this, he is warning Romeo that what he is viewing as all good may turn out to be all bad. Romeo is also impulsive. Since Romeo is a dreamer, he allows his emotions to directly influence his decisions and that makes him impulsive. Once Romeo feels something, he usually acts upon the feeling without thinking of the consequences. This is seen when the day after Romeo and Juliet meet he wants to be married to her. Friar Lawrence is a complete contrast to this, however, and he agrees to marry Romeo and Juliet because it may resolve the conflict between the Montagues and Capulets. Friar Lawrence is rational and philosophical in his approach to problems, this is seen when he uses couplets throughout Act Two, Scene One as he
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