How Does Gang Violence Affect Society

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How does gang violence puts an impact on society? Gangs have turned the society into a war zone between different gangs. Educating people about gangs would have people thinking should they really join. People should know the history of gang violence and the types of gangs they should look out for so they could stay away. Gang violence is nothing someone should play around with because you can get killed or even in trouble with the law for just associating with them. People have a mind set that gangs are there for protection and it's really not. Gangs will leave you in two places grave or in jail. Learning about gangs is essential to understanding history and how to stay away.In order to talk about what a gang is and why you should stay away you should know what it is.A gang is a group of 3 or more individuals in a group (“What is a gang?”). Sometimes you might hear some people call a gang a set but it means all the same. The group claims its own turf or property. Gangs promise to provide physical protection. Gangs creates fear in the atmosphere so that they can recruit members ("What is a gang?"). Gang members engage in criminal activities using multiple counts of violence. In order for gang members to get in a gang they have to fight each other or even kill a police officers.
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White gangs formed in the late 1980s but they was forming for decades just didn't actually come out. White gangs were very unorganized. The member's age ranged from teens to mid 20s. Early white gang members rode around on motorcycles like the Hell Angles. The Nazi salute was a hand sign and the formations of “W” and or “P” for White Power. The members of a white gang tattoos were; swastikas, nazi flags, hooded KKK, SWP (Supreme White Power) , WAR (White Aryan Resistance). They weapons consisted of baseball bats, knives, their fist, no steel toed
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