How Does Gatsby Create Tension In Chapter 9

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At the beginning of this chapter, curiosity surrounding Gatsby is at its peak. Gatsby has stopped throwing extravagant parties every Saturday as they are unnecessary due to the fact their original purpose was to lure in Daisy.
Nick goes to check on Gatsby and make sure he is alright. Nick discovers Gatsby had fired all his previous servants and hired new ones who were tied to Wolfsheim to prevent gossiping
On the hottest day of the summer, Daisy invites Gatsby, Jordan and Nick to lunch.
When Tom leaves the room to make the guests cold drinks, she kisses Gatsby and tells him she loves him.
The nanny brings Daisy’s child to see her. Gatsby is stunned by the child as he did not think it to be real and Daisy does not appear to be very maternal
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Tom discovers that Gatsby and Daisy have feelings from their subtle exchanges. “Their eyes met, and they stared together at each other, alone in…show more content…
Wilson, who looks very ill, tells Tom that he and Myrtle were to move to the West after his discovery that his wife had been unfaithful although he had no idea Tom had been involved with her.
Myrtle witnesses the scene and notices Jordan Baker with Tom and Nick and assumes her to be Daisy.
Tom is enraged at the possibility of losing both his wife and his mistress and confronts Gatsby when the group reunite at the Plaza Hotel to escape the heat.
Tom mocks Gatsby about his use of the phrase “old sport” and accuses him of having never attended Oxford. Gatsby tells him he did attend Oxford- for five months after the end of the war.
Gatsby refuses to be intimidated by Tom and boldly announces: “Your wife doesn 't love you . . . She 's never loved you. She loves me”.
Daisy is unable to say she had never loved Tom. Tom reveals Gatsby is a bootlegger, and Daisy finds herself drawn back to Tom.
Daisy and Gatsby return home in Gatsby’s car per Tom’s request. Tom says “Go on. He won’t annoy you. I think he realizes that his presumptuous little flirtation is over” which shows the readers Tom’s confidence in his belief that Daisy is no longer interested in
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