What Role Do Gender Roles Play In Today's Culture

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While gender roles and stereotypes may seem innocent and almost nonexistent in today’s culture, they are still present and cause a major effect on the current and future generations. They set limits on both boys and girls talents and skills. They try to force men and women into certain job categories. They affect education by telling boys to go to school especially in college and limit girls education, They affect the way a person is raised in the family from their childhood and how they keep themselves by labeling traits and behaviors as female or male.

Gender roles limit the dreams of boys and girls alike, such as boys who want to be dancers and designers. And Girls who want would like to become successful in the world of business and become
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But the more important role of shaping up their personality, traits, and identities. This should be done by parents, children, adult parents Religious leaders and local leaders by changing their expectations that girls are for marrying and bear children due to their demanding and forgiving character and boys are to give practical help to the family. So they should work together in exploring where there is an opportunity for promoting a change because girls can do any job boys can do, girls really work hard and but people undermine them and don't look their best. Men are very supportive that they are hardworking this is why they continue moving on. John Mayer won a Grammy award for Song of the Year in 2005 for a song entitled “Daughters.” The song is essentially telling fathers to rear their daughters as they do to their sons in a way that will be beneficial to their future relationships. Wpsdoorn posted in a debate on gender roles that:' nowadays a woman can do any job a man can and a man can do any job a woman can do. I think gender roles are not important what useful is to train them how to behave from their childhood so that they could grow up sharing their roles and
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