Gender Worldviews Essay

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We are all different. We are born as unique human beings, until we are described as either male or female. These descriptions put us in boxes and instead of making us unique, different humans they try make us all the same. All females have their roles to play and all males have their roles to play. Our behaviour, choice of sport and clothing, the way we walk and talk is all predetermined by our gender. This essay will be discussing gender and how gender roles influence worldviews, as well as, the impact of worldviews on stereotypical gender roles. Within this essay will be an analogy taken from a sermon at a church, and the analogy is called ‘the blinkers’. Within that comes three things to help us understand why, in this context
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It brings about wars and debates and plays a massive role in the roles expected of males and females. In saying this we can straight away identify the three blinkers. Firstly, the misunderstanding blinker, where people within religions and secular people both go wrong. There is a huge misunderstanding with what specific religions say about gender roles and how people perceive it. A lot of the time customs or beliefs are misunderstood and people think many things for example that Christianity promotes abusive relationships because wives have to submit to their husbands and, therefore, it’s okay. Secondly, there is the superiority blinker and this is extremely evident in our society, where either a specific religion assumes they have no room for change or judgment because they are right or a person or group assumes their ethics are more superior to others. Lastly the freedom blinker, where we assume that restriction is bad and therefore because of the removal of limitations people get hurt. Altogether this influences our worldviews dramatically and crucially because we determine them with an unconscious misunderstanding, we assume that this worldview is superior and with that freedom comes separation, conflict, hurt and
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